I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream


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I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream explores the careless, meaningless, greed fueled destruction our species has caused to the planet and its inhabitants from animals, the environment, to the oppressive means employed by our own filthy species on ourselves.

"The new EP by Hyena is akin to being suddenly attacked in a bar fight. Violent, fast. over as quickly as it starts and leaves you feeling uneasy and wandering what the fuck just happened."
-The Sludgelord

"The use of feedback is turned into an art form and it's hard to listen to Hyena and not want to wreck shit. After all, what more could you want? These guys are going places, and fast, hop on the bandwagon or get run over."
-Two Guys Metal Reviews

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in April 2015 by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings.

Jimmy Howell
Zac Dranko
Kevin Tuite
Andrew Gentle


released June 9, 2015



all rights reserved


New Vegas Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: False Sense of Nourishment
Fed lie after lie if known from the beginning,
starve myself to find a better way of living.
Freezing and alone, crawling towards all thats been missing.
Learned anything by now, I should be digging.
Trade a dream, trade a dream.
False sense of security, false sense of nourishment.
Track Name: Growth
Archaic, descendant, ideology.
Breed unyielding pathogen,
molest and digest, cannibals. barren the land.
Creatures whom kneel and follow
wear shackles forged by ancestors,
purged from soil wrought truths ease mind to stone,
growth that emerges from escaping,
released from flesh and bone.
Egotistical, sordid, apathetic, ignorant,
undeserving, malignant, abdicate, parasite
Track Name: The Barnhouse Effect
All serving, unknowing,
stitch together a fabricated being.
All judging, unworthy,
genocide for the unbelieving.
Suppress conscious evolution,
by organizing superstition.
Monotheism advocates suicide, suffer for the after life.
Unforgiving, controlling, vindictive,
sadistic, homophobic, misogynist,
racist, fictionalized character.
Break bread, not worthy to feast with the dead.
The promise, of heaven created hell.
Track Name: In the Name of Progress
I overcome pain and weakened states,
at the thought of my escape.
Sadistic monsters, prey and torture, voiceless creatures.
Locked inside a cage, unable to move my legs.
Death prolonged for days, we are disposable slaves.
Born to sacrifice, resource to enhance life.
In the name of progress writhing in pain from inhumane treatment,
detached, compassion-less, masked by tainted cosmetics.
Locked inside a cage, unable to move my legs.
Death prolonged for days, we are disposable slaves.
Born to sacrifice, resource to enhance life.
In the name of science, in the name of progress.

How with our loss will they be saved.
We can not claim to be civilized when our advancements
have been made possible due to the suffering of others.
How with our loss will they be saved,
when the conditions are not the same.
Track Name: Old Drawings Depict Memories of Trees
Islands of discarded comfort,
blanketed by fear sent to the sky.
Suicidal polluted society, willingly consume apathy.
Thrust a wasteland, upon our fragile seeds.
Where blackened lungs collapse,
surrounded by vacant seas.
Pick it up, Pick it up.
Old drawing depict memories of trees,
color left cording beneath shades of concrete.