More Than Mythology

by New Vegas

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Each of us carry emotions which dictate how we act in our society. It is in essence our defining characteristic. Some carry heavy hearts from haunted pasts, some let fear drive their decisions, and some are just content with being alive even if for just one more day. As evident as these emotions can be and as critical they are in defining our identity, do they stem from anything really important? Do our feelings even matter? When listening to this album, we urge you to feel the music beyond a mere "listen": get lost in whatever feelings it inspires. When you are done, look within and ask yourself if the ideas of passion, self-worth, or identity itself hold any water or if they are no more than mythology.


released May 24, 2013

Additional Vocals from Kyle Galloway (Lakota De Kai) on "Watered Down, All Around" and from Kyle Galloway and Nathan Staab (LDK) on "Homes and Coffins"

On this album New Vegas is:
Jimmy Howell
Zac Dranko
Jon Coulter
Ethan Conner



all rights reserved


New Vegas Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Ensnared
“Fear me!” I say as I stare into his eyes.
Feeling is lost and I’m numb to his piercing cries.
I want to sew together the memories he ripped and frayed.
Pulling the string of his woven guilt, I show him the way,
And then I awake in tears the years can’t shake.

Oh, his shadow haunts my dreams, and her face lurks in my thoughts.
He plucked her from the earth as a rabbit steals the farmer’s crop.
And then that rabbit ran, and then that rodent hid,
But no matter how hard I try my mind could never be rid of him.

Ensnared, and scared he awaits his final call.
The hare will finish last when the gavel falls.
But this moment doesn't fill the hopes that I had perceived.
Death begets no warmth as I was led to believe.
Oh, is there any way to comfort my grief?
A chance to brighten the gray without pulling my sword from its sheath?
I forbid you to take this to the grave.
I forgive you regardless of your fate.

I’m sorry that all I knew was hate.
Track Name: Watered Down, All Around
Now it’s just the way we see the world,
Gutted from the source,
Sheep fed by the wolves,
And we beg for more.
These whores have ripped their souls to splice our rotten core.
Spoon fed our beliefs,
Seeking no relief,
Fattened by our greed.
And technology
It seems has come to be the sedative we need.
Luxuries have become hoods to fall behind.
Ignorance has come to calm the masses.

In marring mouths these truths transform like butterflies cocooned in lies.
Their webbed wings are pulling the weight of your empty minds and they hardly try.

Oh, we want to stay on top of everything,
But wicked words are whispered when we wade within their ring.
Holding hope to condemn who don’t believe
While preaching that no judge can reckon thee.

Hear no evil and see no evil,
But “speak no evil” stands above the forbidden act.
We chose to shout from brittle platforms,
But they’ll fold unless we reinforce them with grounded fact.

Drawn along by the string that guides our thoughts,
Pulling each and every stop to flood our minds with props.
Drain all the reason we’ve embraced and hide behind your drapes.
Who needs answers from anyone who doesn’t fuel our hate?
Track Name: Canvases
Artists use a canvas to fill an empty frame,
Not understanding feelings, but needing to freely show their pain.
This life is on display,
A gallery and we’re all here.
Each work pours from our hands.
Each stroke defines the man.
Happiness shines brightly.
Despair is gray in hue.
When feelings show upon our sleeves
Anyone can see right through.
The fears we have show in the flaws;
They’re the blots we cover up.
They’re the visions that we never wanted,
But they’re visions true enough.

We allow our precious lives out for all to see.
This is our waning time redefining imagery.
Uncovered we see the truth behind your grief.
Recover your hold on how you want your light to show.
Track Name: More Than Mythology
I can’t feel my soul, but I know that it’s more than mythology.
My hopes fuel my heart. If it’s love, who cares where it’s coming from?
Tell me I’m not worthy of your world.
Tell me I can’t get my just rewards ‘cause I know I won’t fall for this innocence.

Contented listening holding these glyphs I see no base to begin.
These lauded poets say if you know it denial is a sin.
We see eye to eye but where do you draw the line
Between a martyr and those who lost their lives?

I can’t carry on walking this line
Hoping to see the great divide.
I hope that you’re right, but no reddened skies
Have come to falter the purest nights.

I can’t feel my soul, but I know that it’s more than mythology.
My hopes fuel my heart. If it’s love, who cares where it’s coming from?

Remind me why we dream
To hide within the seams
Of the laws you have stitched
From the words upon this script.
Remind me why we live
Our beating hearts amid
Empty words, a void,
Our meaning is destroyed.
Captured chaos can’t cure cravings that have churned within us all this time,
But making stories cannot pure us when in truth we’ll never really know.

I can’t feel my soul, but I know that it’s more than mythology.
My hopes fuel my heart. If it’s love, who cares where it’s coming from?
Track Name: Les Enfants Terribles
Oh, brother, can you believe what we’ve done?
Gripped the life from the thousand dog tags we’ve won.
No, brother, you can’t blame who we’ve become.
We were made to be their pawns,
With our hands red as a fox,
Our stealth is equally sly.
And in one final move I close in and whisper,
“Oh please, fox die!”

Labels fall short of the truth.
I’m not one like you.
Les Enfants Terribles.

We flow the same killing blood,
But you’ll destroy the dam releasing the damning flood.
I hide concealed in the trees,
Praying like the mantis that I will never be seen.
I don’t want this can’t you see?
There’s no sure conclusion that is scripted in our genes.
I’d fly with just a little push,
But you slither with your silver tongue to pull me, call me,
Falling to fight, my flight stifled by your need to take another life.
One last attack and I can only hope that we both will die

You chose this.
I resist.
Death forgives.
Track Name: Atlas
Tell me this is more than you can bear!
Can you feel your feet dragging through the earth?
You can yell and mock and curse the air,
But your cries can never change the struggles you’ve endured.
The words escape your vaulted throat,
But who can save you from your hope?

Don’t preach your worries to your peers -
The only thing man ever does is fortify your fear.
Don’t raze the foundation in your bones -
This flower blossomed solely from the seeds you’ve sown.
Can you see how the stones have made you,
How the rocks can’t just flex with the wind?
Each one has taken hold and dictates you.
You can chisel at the surface but granite boasts from within.

And I know it’s hard to always bear the cross.
And I know, yes I know, it’s hard to shoulder heavy thoughts.
Your frame feels fragile as if the rainy days have rusted it away,
But changing who you are can never reconcile this pain,
So abstain.

Burying the base will cost your face.
Track Name: Homes and Coffins
A tall and mighty oak perched upon this hill,
His roots trace through a hallowed time and clutch a life fulfilled.
His body grand yet dying, his stance alive and true.
His leaves glisten through the sun’s light and cast a shadow spring-renewed.
Yet winter scares each year - the cold runs down his spine.
Each added ring resounds within - one day he’ll be but twine.

Oh, you gracious tree
Providing shade to me.
But this shadow’s carving caverns in my soul,
It fills me whole with grief.
See the cloud forming?
No rapture from the ground.
It’s only lightning hunting for the next one,
And with it, fear piercing from the sound.

Lift your limbs!
Grasp the earth!
Branch out high!
Feel your worth!

Tell me now how you’ve found comfort
In years opposite the bloom.
I feel the peace residing in you -
How can I feel comfort too?
Teach me how to wade the darkness,
Teach me how to follow through,
Remove my urge to stare into the depths,
Or bar concerns of my doom.

A majestic mast anchored in the dirt you’ve always known
But one day I’ll call it home.
When it calls you to fall from this hill,
Through fuel for pyres, and this page I clasp,
At least you’re useful still.

In time I’ll tell what’s left in memories.
It’s the stump I’ll leave when cutting down the tree.
Track Name: The Winter Soulstice
A penance from the thoughts that were pulled from frigid air -
Cold fronts come to blow away despair.
The wood nymphs slumber under a blanketing of white -
The souls drift upon the breeze from fright.

Wading in the shallow creek,
Growing numb by night.
Wind brushes past a hardened shell,
Shadows form as light.
Hollow paintings
Brought upon to reminisce.
While constraining the thoughts
That come from the abyss.

The chill has filled my lungs
And each sigh expels the pain.
From my lips your ghost escapes and dissipates again.
Your image lies before me;
I leap to reach your face,
But through my grip the smoke has slipped and leaves without a trace.
Do reflections lie
When they won’t show what you hide?

These icy days cut deep within.
From brisk memories with a most bitter end.
Coming from one frozen heart that’s been shattered from the fear,
That’s been waiting patiently for answers, the distant of warmth of cheer.

And yet I cherish the winter’s sting,
It calms my mind.
I’m not sure if my eyes water from the wind,
Or from the signs.

And yet I demand the winter’s sting,
It calms my mind.
Now I’m sure that they don’t water from the wind,
But from your sign.