by New Vegas

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Critical acclaim for the debut EP Overseer:

"I don't know if I'd say that post-hardcore has just been redefined, but Overseer has definitely changed my outlook on it. I don't think I'll ever be too satisfied with another post-hardcore album if it doesn't have the kind of passionate and atmospheric delivery that this album has."

"Final Verdict: 96%"

- AbsolutePunk

"The core of the record is at times absolutely stunning, and well worth anyone’s attention."


"Not your typical Post-Hardcore, this stuff oozes with emotion and atmosphere."

- No Need For Blog Names


released May 2, 2012

On this album New Vegas is:
Jimmy Howell
Zac Dranko
Jon Coulter
Steve Rossini
Shaun Eozzo
Blaze Powell



all rights reserved


New Vegas Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Reliance
I was born upon this vessel with no destination in mind.
The captain helped me find my legs; he helped me find my rhyme.
I fell countless times, but he always helped me realign.
Until one day the wind blew through,
The deck shook and sent him into the blue.
I heard a roar, a splash, and just like that
His face was gone with all I knew.
I’m in a labyrinth with no lead!
Can this really be happening?

I need you to guide me further down the river -
My hands are shaking at the bow.
My fear was heightened by your passing -
I pray your lessons will pay off now.
Each word became a link in the chain.
When the Sirens call from the shoreline to follow,
It pulls me away over and over again.
Reliance, the word ringing in my ears,
My head is a canyon and it’s been echoing for years.
I depend on you like breathing - I can’t do it all alone.
When I’m sleeping who will ensure
That my lungs like the tide will swell and subside?
It’s involuntary and yet necessary
Until, finally, I can navigate on my own.

Courage isn’t something you can study; it’s something that you earn.
With someone there to hold your hand how can you ever learn?
When fear held me firmly in its grasp, I overcame and scared it back.
My fire singed it from my thoughts
And I screamed, “Is that all that you’ve got?
I am here, waiting patiently for the pain you taunt.”
I don’t need him to guide me further down the river -
My hands are steady at the bow.
My fear was heightened by his passing -
I know his lessons will pay off now.
I fight harder by myself.
I have never been more compelled.
I will steer this ship to the end of the earth -
It’s time to see just what my life is worth.
I will stare death in the face, defiant:
“Thanks to you I am no longer reliant.”
Track Name: A Reason to Exist
I watched you overcome your fear of air
And then you never looked back.
You dreamed to conquer and declare all you saw your own,
And I never changed your track.
You first were cautious of abusing my gifts -
I continued to incessantly give.
You first respected the affection I favored you with -
Unhindered, I let you live.
I became one with everyone you’ve loved
When rigor mortem invaded your home.
On my shoulders your web of cities grew,
Majestic steel mixed with dirt and bone.

We’ve found a harmony -
Symbiotic bliss matched in key.
I provide everything
And you give me a reason to exist.

I marvel at you, children.
I create and you improve,
And even though you scalped my lands
I’m glad I helped to feed your youth.
Just remember that when I’m gone
There will be no more I can do.
Will you be carrion? Will you be consumed?
Track Name: The Water is Poison
Each word is a lover’s whisper gliding through my fragile ear.
Each word drowns my discontent and evaporates my fear.
Woe, it is but a fleeting shadow as the clock strikes twelve.
Hope, it can be found in the bindings resting on my shelf.
These sightings shed light on the darkest corners of my mind,
And even if I haven’t seen it yet I know I will in due time.

It has given me a purpose.
It evokes my conscious dreams.
This perilous path to perdition
Can be prevented still it seems.
So I will carve these words into your back
If you think you can find another way.
I will fill the gaps of each and every synapse.
I will mold your wishes out of clay.

I must give you all the visions that I have now come to see.
I will fill your cup with poison, “It’s good for you, child, drink.”
You will find no other alternate – I follow a one way road.
I have found my key to happiness; take it and unlock your own.
And if you don’t, you’ll find I can reason well –
Don’t do what I say and I’ll see you all in hell!

And how can this be?
I’ve done everything you have asked from me!
I obeyed the law to the letter
And I went well above the call!
Maybe my methods were lacking tact,
But the ends will justify my all too callous acts.
I made them answer!
I made them understand!
But with heat at my heels,
It is I who must repent!
Track Name: Lady Injustice
It’s another game.
We play it to satisfy our time.
On each scale they weigh it
Though they peek under the blindfold.
Heads or tails, though the outcome doesn’t matter.
When I win, I lose. They find comfort in their laughter,
And my crime was no more than seeking out my life,
And discerning their restraints from their lies.

I am thrown against the wall
Shattering pictures of my loves.
Their eyes shimmering as each shard
Pierces the flesh above my heart.
This is your truth but I need more proof to choose.
What if these chains ruin something great?
“The steel will anchor you to our shore.”
Do you really think you can pick my fate?
“Surely we know what you need more.”
The rage you fuel burns my love for you.

The blackness dissolves; tenacity takes the helm.
The smell of fire gives way to the blood in my veins
Churning my soul to ascend.
I can’t embed the goals you’ve set for me.
I will never give in!
In the end only my sweat defines me -
These scars will last an eternity.

The vision in my head is not what you see -
You paint my eyelids so that I will agree.
The walls of my life, I will tear them down:
Kick the splinters as they scatter to the ground.
I’ve learned to fly with these dead limbs.
I’ll soar farther than their greedy hands can grip.
Eerily, I feel their hooks under my skin but still I swim.

‘Til the end, I’m armed with my pen!
Still pretend I’ll need your consent!
Your tears will help mix this concrete!
I will pave my own way until you believe!
Track Name: Overseer
This cliff laughs at my gazing eye.
It boasts a drop into the mist
I can’t resist.
But can this leap undo my will,
The drive that got me up this hill,
The life they couldn’t kill?

Here I stand.
I don’t need your help to be a man.
I’m at the edge, just a breeze could throw me into the wind.
Though I fall,
It’s my choice to let this go.
I like my chances much better in the abyss below.

The stinging of the wind burns my flesh,
But after the fall my wounds will be cleansed.
The fear of what I can’t see abandons me,
Just a change from this norm will set me free.
I know I’ve gone too far
To not see this to the end.
They said the fall was too hard,
I said bring on this “cement”.

They remained in their homes.
They hoped the drop into the mist
Cut my wrists.
I stayed afloat to their dismay.
I proved an error in their ways.
I falsified their claim.
Track Name: Kneeling at the Water
Lies! Parasitic pride
Used by the weakest as the perfect disguise!
But the wise, they see through this fervor-eyed divine life,
And unveil their true cover of the stereotype.
They claim they are our emperors, sewing their own clothes,
Unwilling to admit they really just want their skin shown.
They are proud of the fact that they have no scars to bear
Yet each one is a story that they’ll never be able to share.

Their souls are as deep as their own shallow conceit -
They can never be free, they can never be free.
Reflections never show what you are hiding beneath -
By the pond, on your knees, you will never be free.

How can the world hold them high
When they’ve decorated themselves so fine?
Bejeweled by their unyielding egos,
Their treasures hold the crippled below.
It’s too hard to carry their pride
When they only try to weaken mine.
They’ve erected monuments to themselves
And they are all the kings of the hill.

Fear unspoken,
Hearts bound to be broken.
This moment when their feelings overtake their beliefs -
This pain inside that will never cease to ring.
These doves will all paint the pavement red,
They cannot stay aloft with undeserved wings.
And yet they leap, and yet they feel free,
And yet their fearless act is no match for gravity.

So still all your screams and dodge all your grief,
There is still life in your humble physique.
When time steals sand from your hourglass,
It’s your love that will last, it’s your love that will last!